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Cert III & IV In Fitness
Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
AWF Level 1 Weightlifting Course
CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
Level 2 Rowing Coach

Ally has always been an active person and after having experience as a rowing coach and learn to swim instructor, a career as a Personal Trainer only seemed to be a natural progression.

Having had extensive experience with swimming, rowing, tennis, volleyball and long distance running, Ally has learned a lot in the way of cross training using methods such as weight training, High Intensity Interval Training and Kettlebells.

From the diverse training that Ally has been exposed to, she has built a strong attitude toward the importance of incorporating many types of training into your routine. This helps to build muscular strength and endurance, strengthen aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and maintain optimal body fat levels.

With these beliefs, Ally decided after 5 years in the industry, thought that it was time to give in and try CrossFit – it was perfect.

“The thing I love about CrossFit is that anyone can do it and do it at their own level without feeling like they are better or worse than anyone else. I feel it has changed the culture of group fitness into something that people do in order to excel, instead of giving up when they get bored.

I think people who have never tried CrossFit can sometimes get the wrong impression that it’s a cult, but really, it’s the ever-changing goals that suck you in; once you hit one goal, you want to be great at another aspect of CrossFit. It’s as if it’s impossible to be awesome at it all…”


Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Growing up with 3 brothers, Patrick has always been very competitive. Since an early age and all through school he played basketball.
Since finishing College, Patrick continued to look for a sport that continued to provide the competitive nature that Basketball did.

Finding CrossFit in 2014 changed everything, and in August Patrick competed in his first CrossFit Competition. Initially, Patrick was drawn to the competitive side of CrossFit but it was the community atmosphere and fit lifestyle of CrossFit that kept him coming back.
In 2016, Patrick received the opportunity to learn and work alongside the coaches at his box as an intern, and began to develop his coaching skills alongside receiving his CF-L1.
Always keen to learn, Patrick has since continued to develop his coaching skills by completing his CF-L2 and is driven to keep getting better every day.

Favourite Lift – The Snatch
Favourite Movements – Muscle Ups & Handstand Pushups
Favourite WOD
Handstand Pushups
20 Min AMRAP
2 Muscle Ups
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Kettlebell Swings
Always in my Gym Bag – “Nubs” (Thumb Sleeves) and Reyban Knee Sleeves
Favourite Sport – CrossFit (Duh!) and Basketball
Favourite day to spend a rest day – Going to the movies
Least Favourite Movement – Wall Balls
Least Favourite WOD – “Karen” – 150 Wall Balls for time