Getting Started at P4P

Once you have decided to get started with the CrossFit program, it is vital that we (and you) get to know about you; how you move, or any movement restrictions, how to work through injuries, and find all of your strengths and weaknesses.

For this reason, we wanted to make getting started at P4P an easy process for you.  Over the last 4 years we have have implemented and tweaked two types of packages for you to choose from, depending on your goals and circumstances.

Our Private Intro Package comprises of 3 x one-on-one sessions with a qualified CrossFit Trainer and Personal Trainer.
Your 3 sessions will be completed over a 2 week period before your 1 complimentary CrossFit class trial.
From here you will then be upgraded to a monthly membership.

Your intro package investment is $140 for all 3 sessions plus one CrossFit Class.

Our 4 Week “Introduction to CrossFit” Program is a total of 16 sessions completed in a group of 10 or less participants.
The classes will run at either 5:30am or 5:15pm (depending on your individual preference) throughout the 4 weeks.
You will learn the same movements and be guided in the same way as with the private sessions, but these classes will work at a less intense pace due to the length of time allocated (16 x 60 Minute sessions VS. 3 x 60 Minute Sessions)

Your Introduction to CrossFit investment is $180 for 16 small group sessions over 4 weeks


  • Private Intro to CrossFit (3x 1-on-1 sessions with a qualified coach) $140
  • Small Group Introduction to CrossFit (4 small group classes per week for 4 weeks) $180
  • Unlimited monthly membership – $190/month ($47.50/week)
  • Student and Special Services rate – $140/month ($35/week)
  • Membership with weekly PT session – $370/month ($92.50/week)

Due to the intense nature of CrossFit, it is so important to us that we look after new athletes and ensure movement patterns are sound before joining in to class WODs. For this reason we have designed our intro sessions.
*If you are new to this sport please refer to our intro package

These sessions are structured to

  • Teach you the basic movements, skills and lifts used in our programming
  • Encourage you to be more aware of your body in space.
  • Give you and your trainer an opportunity to discuss your goals
  • These sessions are run in 3 x 60 minute private appointments held over two weeks at a time that best suits your schedule.

If you feel that you are advanced enough to bypass these classes, it is necessary that you speak with the Head Coach to discuss your background and determine your level of skill. We understand that you may be fit and have been attending gyms for years, however CrossFit has a completely different element to training and your safety is our main concern.

3x 60 minute private intro sessions = $140